Customer FAQ

How am I matched with a Local Hero?

When you tell us what needs doing we send a notification to the Heroes in your area who are qualified to do the job. If a Hero is available to take the job, we’ll match you with them and you’ll be given each other’s contact details. The Hero will then call you to discuss the job.

What if I want to pick a different Hero?

We’re confident that the Heroes are capable of doing a great job and take the hassle away from choosing a tradesperson. We match you one-to-one with your Hero but if you’re matched with someone you’re not happy with, just cancel the job and rebook!

How do you check the Heroes?

We check the Heroes have the right qualifications to do the job, and have at least £2m Public Liability Insurance. We take sample of customer reviews to ensure our tradesmen meet our standards.

How do you work out the estimates?

We use market research and our own experience to give you an estimate range for the job you’ve requested. The Hero will provide you with a quote when they visit and you can then decide if you’re happy to accept it.

The quote may be higher or lower than the estimate in some cases. For example if the job turns out to be something different to what was first thought, or other parts are needed. But the Hero will explain this and it’s up to you whether you accept the quote.

What happens if I decide to cancel the job

You can cancel the job any time up until you accept the quote. Just click the link from any of our emails or texts and you can cancel through our website. There’s no charge for cancelling jobs as long as you cancel before your Hero starts work.

If you have accepted a quote, then your Hero will have to cancel on your behalf.

What happens if I get a quote but decide not to go ahead? Will I be charged?

You may be charged a diagnostic fee for more complex jobs, but your Hero will inform you if this is needed.

You can decline the quote or decide to cancel the job for free at any time up until the Hero starts working on the job.

How can I pay for my job?

You don’t need to worry about having cash for your job – we take all the hassle away because you pay online via the link we send you by debit or credit card. The Hero should never request payment directly for a job, but if they do please contact us.

If you do pay your Local Hero directly, it means we can’t assist you with any complaint you may have and the work will no longer be guaranteed by British Gas..

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Why can’t you find a Hero to do my job?

We don’t want this to happen but sometimes all the Heroes are busy. There are a few things that will make it more likely for your job to be accepted.

  • Try to give as much detail as you can when you book
  • Try to be as flexible as possible with your appointment (choose the I’m flexible option)
  • If you need more than one tradesman, raise two separate jobs

If you’re still not matched with a Hero, it’s most likely because they’re busier than usual in your area. Try again later as the Heroes may get cancellations and be able to help.

We’re always adding Heroes and new trades on to the platform to help stop this from happening.

Why hasn’t my Hero called to arrange the work?

Heroes will usually call within an hour of you booking (if you’ve booked between 9am and 6pm) to confirm your appointment and chat about the job.

You can contact your hero on the number shown on their profile or any emails from us. If you have any problems getting in touch with your Hero, just contact us.

Why hasn’t my Hero turned up?

If your Hero is going to be late (maybe because they’re stuck on another job or caught in traffic) we ask them to let you know. If you can’t get hold of them or your appointment has been missed, then please contact us and we’ll sort this out for you.

Can I reschedule my job?

Yes, if you need to reschedule your job just ask your Hero. Once you’ve agreed another time, your Hero will be able to put in the new date and time and send you an updated booking confirmation.

Can I cancel my job?

Yes. You can cancel your job any time up until you accept the quote with no charge. You can find the ‘cancel’ button by clicking on the job link through any emails or texts we’ve sent you.

We ask that the Hero cancels the job on your behalf after you have accepted their quote. In all other circumstances you can cancel.

Something’s gone wrong with my job, can the Hero come back?

Your Local Heroes job is covered by a 12-month guarantee by British Gas on parts and labour (unless the Hero has told you it’s a temporary fix.) To book a repair under your guarantee, you don’t need to raise a new job through Local Heroes. Just contact the Hero directly who will arrange a revisit. If you have any problems you should contact us.

I’ve been charged a diagnostic fee, what does that mean?

The Heroes will sometimes charge a diagnostic fee if they’ve had to do some work to be able to find out what’s wrong before fixing it. For example if your boiler is making a funny noise they’ll need to investigate why this is.

How do I make a complaint?

Just contact us and let us know what’s gone wrong. We’ll get back to you within one working day.

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How do I make payment?

You will receive a link by email once your job is complete so that you can make payment online by debit/credit card. Do not pay your Local Hero directly, by cash or card.

What should I do if my Hero asks for payment in cash?

You should only pay for Local Heroes jobs via the link you receive by email. If you do pay cash it means we can’t assist you with any complaint you may have and the work will no longer be guaranteed by British Gas..

Please contact us if the Hero wants to take the job off our platform.

How do I use my offer code?

Once the work’s done the Hero will request payment. When you open the link in your text or email you’ll be able to review the work that was done and the price. Just enter your offer code the box on this page before you pay. You can’t use more than one offer at the same time.

Why was my job classed as a temporary fix?

Local Heroes jobs are backed by a 12-month guarantee on parts and labour. The nature of some repairs or fixes means the issue could reoccur, for example if the Hero clears a drain blocked by leaves, there’s no way that the Hero can prevent the possibility of leaves blocking the drain again.

Your Hero should let you know if the repair is temporary and get your approval before they start work. It will also say this on your quote.

How do I get a copy of my invoice?

You will receive a copy of your invoice by email once the works have been completed. If you need an additional copy, please contact us

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We’re here to help - just contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions for our boiler services can be found here.

If you’re an existing customer in an emergency or require urgent help, you can call us on 0203 879 4396. Otherwise please raise your request via our website by clicking here.

Our office hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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Why are you shutting down?

We have made the difficult decision to close Local Heroes and focus on growing demand for our British Gas services business.

What happens to my guarantee?

We will ensure recent customers still benefit from their 12-month guarantee as promised. If anything should go wrong, please contact the Hero who carried out the job. If they are not available within a reasonable time, then you can contact us here.

Can I have the details of the Hero you previously recommended/supplied?

Please contact our managed customer support by email at

What will happen to the Heroes on your platform?

The Heroes on our platform are all their own private business entities. Local Heroes acted as an introductory business to supply these companies with leads for work from customers they may not have otherwise been aware of. These businesses will continue to trade going forward but without Local Heroes matching them to customers.

When will services be stopping?

Jobs will cease being accepted on the Local Heroes platform on the 20th of October 2023. After which there will be a further 15-day period for jobs to be completed through the platform.

Do I still have to pay for the job?

Yes. Despite Local Heroes closing, the Heroes on our platform will still be in operation and will require payment for their work. Please continue to pay using the Local Heroes platform so that we can continue to pay our Heroes within 7-10 days of the work being completed.

What happens to my personal details?

To find out how we use your personal data, please refer to our privacy policy here.

Can I get my job done through British Gas instead?

British Gas offer a range of heating, plumbing, electrical and appliance services through their website here. You do not have to be a British Gas customer and you can contact them for one-off repairs as well as maintenance options.

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Boring legal stuff:

Local Heroes is the trading name of British Gas Services Limited. Registered in England & Wales (No. 03141243).

Registered office: Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD